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  1. JoyHawkins

    Google Maps Allows Users to Report Spammy Users

    I'm very happy to see that the Google Maps app now gives you an option to report a spammy user/Local Guide.
  2. JoyHawkins

    Google Now Shows Short Names on About Tab

    @TomW showed me this morning that there is now a "sharing" section on the About tab for a Google My Business profile. I'm only seeing this on mobile browsers (not the Maps app). I have no idea how many people even click on this tab, but if they do, this will be a new option for them to see.
  3. JoyHawkins

    Where is This Knowledge Panel Sourced From?

    I have a good puzzle for people that like to solve them. Where is Google sourcing this Knowledge Panel from? Places we've already checked (that aren't it): Wikipedia D&B Wikidata Colorado Secretary of State database
  4. JoyHawkins

    Google Tool For Diagnosing Images

    @Andy Simpson showed me this super cool tool. I, along with several others, had no clue this thing existed. I just did a write up about it here: Optimizing Images for Local Search - Local University I hope you find it useful. For those that have used the tool, what findings do you have to...
  5. JoyHawkins

    Verified Listings Showing as Unverified?

    I noticed something really odd this morning. When I'm logged out in an incognito window, I'm seeing the "Own this Business" label on all listings that are verified. Usually this only appears if the listing is unverified. My gut tells me this is either just me or some type of technical issue...
  6. JoyHawkins

    Issue with Schools Not Being Able to Get New Reviews on GMB

    I ran across a thread yesterday on the GMB forum where multiple schools were reporting that they were unable to get new reviews on their Google listings. One of them said: Another user chimed in and said: We tried leaving reviews ourselves and were able to replicate the issue. Reviews...
  7. JoyHawkins

    Did Yelp Lose Review Stars on Category Pages?

    Noah Lerner just tweeted about how he's noticed that Yelp category pages don't have review stars. I checked some screenshots back to August and am not seeing review stars then: What are you guys seeing? Are there examples you can share where stars were there before but are not now?
  8. JoyHawkins

    Core Algorithm Update - September 24, 2019

    Google announced earlier this week that they were releasing a core algorithm update. We are seeing that it's impacting the local results as well as organic. For example, here is one keyword I was tracking where the client had a significant lift in ranking in the local results. When I...
  9. JoyHawkins

    Google My Business Adds a New Contact Form for Restaurants to Remove Online Ordering

    Google started showing "order" calls-to-action on restaurant listings earlier this year. They have now added a new contact form for businesses who want these removed from their listing. Since it uses 3rd parties there are lots of businesses that don't necessarily want to pay a 3rd party to take...
  10. JoyHawkins

    Google My Business is Deprecating SMS for Messaging

    Google stopped allowing businesses to set up Messaging via SMS quite some time ago but all the businesses that have Messaging already that set it up with SMS beforehand were still able to use this. Not anymore. I just got this email from Google: Keep messaging active for your business On...
  11. JoyHawkins

    New Service to Help Correct Malicious Edits on Google My Business Listings

    Steady Demand has a new service for businesses who are looking for help monitoring and protecting listing changes from competitors to their Google My Business listings. They monitor for changes and make sure to correct them. It also also designed to help businesses who are prone to get...
  12. JoyHawkins

    Google's New Announcement About Review Schema

    All my Slack channels are already buzzing about this. I'd love to see how you guys interpret this announcement from Google: How do you think that will impact websites using 3rd parties to collect reviews (there are dozens out there) and then including those on their website via a widget that...
  13. JoyHawkins

    New Free Tool to Track Fluctuation in Local SERPs

    I've been waiting for a long time for a tool like this. BrightLocal just launched the first and only tool (to my knowledge) that tracks changes in Local SERPs. It tracks 28 keywords x 26 industries x 20 cities = 14,560 keywords (560 per industry) and lets you know when there are lots of...
  14. JoyHawkins

    Google My Business Updates the Guidelines for Practitioners

    Google has updated the Google My Business guidelines and has added the following under the section for practitioners: I know a while ago I asked Google if Colan would be allowed a practitioner listing. He's public facing and technically has his own client base. They told me no, marketing...
  15. JoyHawkins

    GMB Insights Now Show on Google Maps

    Google is now showing insights from Google My Business on the profiles you manage on Google Maps. I do wish they had gone with searches or actions instead of views since I pretty much ignore that metric all together.
  16. JoyHawkins

    New Format for Events on Google Maps

    I just spotted what appears to be a new format for events that show up on a listing on Google Maps. Events are shown really prominently at the top - even above the address! Here is another example: Are you guys seeing this as well?
  17. JoyHawkins

    New Services Options in the Google My Business Dashboard

    I'm now seeing options in the Google My Business dashboard for certain industries. Under the Services tab, there are now services listed that you can select, very similar to attributes: Some industries have the options to add custom services only like this one: Are you guys seeing this as...
  18. JoyHawkins

    Competitor Ad Spotted on Knowledge Panel

    This makes me so annoyed but Ben Fisher has just spotted the first instance of a competitor's ad showing up on a business Knowledge Panel. I am hoping this is a test that Google doesn't actually follow through with. Let me know if any of you spot one like this.
  19. JoyHawkins

    Delivery Icons Appearing in the 3-Pack

    I just spotted delivery icons in the 3-pack for McDonalds while searching. Clicking on it leads you to a Google interface that allows you to order from one of their delivery order platforms. It's definitely more prominent now than it was before. Are you guys seeing this on other major chains?
  20. JoyHawkins

    Join Sterling Sky to Help Save a Life

    Hey Guys, I wanted to quickly share something that my company has been involved with recently. My sister is trying to adopt a deaf 4-year-old from Eastern Europe. Disabled children in institutions often face neglect, abuse, starvation, and torture. Journalists have also referred to these...