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  1. Chris_Gregory

    Anyone know of a Pinging service for URL's and Title Tags?

    Hi All, I'm looking for a pinging service that will send an alert if a URL or Title tag has changed. We are working with a CMS that it's easy to change URL's without the user knowing. Also, we have several people pushing live content with very little oversight. We've experienced URL's changing...
  2. Chris_Gregory

    Facebook Locations and NAPS

    Has anyone setup multiple location Facebook pages? I know you can request to have locations turned on for your Fb page but it migrates all the reviews, address and check ins to the new location page. I'm mainly concerned about NAPS and a new page being created and the NAPS transferring to this...
  3. Chris_Gregory

    Penguin 4.0 Information + Observations

    Hi all, I just returned from SMX East and was on the hunt for Penguin 4.0 information since this update hasn't performed liked the past updates. I'll assume everyone understands what Penguin is and how to recover. That said what we learned last week is a significant change from previous...
  4. Chris_Gregory

    Anyone at SMX East?

    If there are any local SEO's at SMX Let me know. I'd love to get together and discuss experiences with all the algo changes going on.
  5. Chris_Gregory

    Looking for local examples of SMB's with a Penguin Penalty

    Hi all, I'm working on a Penguin penalty article and need to do some research into local businesses that have a Penguin penalty. If any of you have clients or know of any small businesses in your area that you suspect have a Penguin penalty I would greatly appreciate a link to those businesses...
  6. Chris_Gregory

    How much does cheap SEO really cost?

    At DAGMAR we have reviewed many new clients that are being effected by the Penguin Filter. Educating clients on this is usually our starting point. To that end we put together an article explaining why local businesses should stop going the cheap route for SEO and how it can cost them many...
  7. Chris_Gregory

    How do you tackle multiple clients in one industry?

    I would like to know how fellow Local SEO's have handled multiple clients in one vertical / Industry. I have one of the largest HVAC companies in my local areas as a client and one of the smaller competitors reached out and wants a monthly SEO package. In truth they wouldn't compete much as...