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    Ranking Reports - How to report with SERP's changing so much?!

    Hey guys, I am getting very mixed results here between clients, so would love some feedback if you have any better ideas for me. Firstly, can you rank both 1st organically and 1st on local on a blended page? Now, we have a client who was #1 organically last month (above blended maps). And is...
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    Interesting SERP

    Hey Linda and all, Thought you might find this one interesting! You can see the company name is the knowledge graph result. Then if you click through, it only lists one result for a competitive search! This all happened after we got a phone call from Google Maps confirming our location...
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    Ranking for a Franchise

    Hey guys, Great forum you got started here. Some very helpful information going round. I have a question that I just can't seem to find a definitive answer on; local rankings for franchises. Now, we are in Australia so Google rolls out local updates a little slower than over there :) Some...