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  1. LilyRayNYC

    Shortnames causing suspensions: could it be because of Google's proposed shortname?

    I received a suspension for a listing that is 100% legitimate, a company that has been around for years and was doing absolutely nothing spammy with its GMB profile. The only thing we changed was adding the shortname. Now, I don't even have the ability to edit or remove the shortname - that...
  2. LilyRayNYC

    New start-up with 1 corporate headquarters that works with licensed professionals around the country?

    Hi there, I have a client who runs a network of licensed massage therapists (who already run their own personal businesses and have their own personal GMB SAB pages) all around the country. You can use this company to hire massage therapists in basically any zip code in the U.S. The company...
  3. LilyRayNYC

    Practitioner page consistently outranking main biz page despite being less optimized

    Someone created an individual practitioner GMB for my client, a family-run chiropractor business. Now the individual page outranks the biz page for all branded queries, despite having less content and fewer reviews. The main page has almost 10x more reviews than the practitioner page! Here are...