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  1. Brian

    Title tag in place of the firm name

    I still uncertain why the title tag sometimes show up in place of the firm name in the Google Local results: Check the third listing on the search results page for Bellingham Divorce Attorneys
  2. Brian

    Cutts Recommends Google Consumer Surveys

    Google's Matt Cutts reshared a post on Google+ about Google consumer surveys adding a free feature for publishers to add code to their site to poll their website visitors if they like the pages. I am wondering what people think about the idea of adding consumer surveys to a site. It looks like...
  3. Brian

    Duplicating Home Page content in the description for new Dashboard

    The new dashboard allows for entering a lot of content into the description field. Is it a no no to copy and paste content from the Home Page (of the owner's website) into the description field?
  4. Brian

    Searching just the keyword vs searching keyword with city

    How do search results differ when someone searches just the keyword. For example a person located in Cincinnati searches Divorce attorney instead of searching divorce attorney Cincinnati? Are people more likely to search just Divorce Attorney?
  5. Brian

    Am I the Spammer that your parents warned you about?

    I am working with a Divorce Attorney and have put together a category list. Is the category list below acceptable or has it crossed the spam line? Divorce Attorney Family Law Attorney Divorce Lawyer Mediation Service Child Custody Lawyer Does Google treat Lawyer as a synonym of attorney or do...
  6. Brian

    Two businesses one location has worked but client wants to change

    I have a new attorney client who for the last several years has had two businesses at one location using the same address and phone with different firm names. One business is a Family law firm the other business is related targeting family law mediation services. He has one Google account...
  7. Brian

    Private Mobile phone shows in the attorneys listing

    I received a call from an attorney client yesterday saying he was getting calls on his private mobile phone from people that found his number on the web. When I looked up his office in Google the Google plus listing was showing his private mobile number. So I logged into his places account and...
  8. Brian

    Changing the Firm Name

    A Law firm we work with is changing their firm name. This is not a full scale rebranding. The firm name is changing from Arnold Rodman & Pletcher, PLLC to Arnold & Rodman, PLLC. Since this is not a full scale rebranding is it acceptable to edit to the firm name in their already claimed Places...
  9. Brian

    Rankings just tanked

    Help the sky is falling! My clients rankings have just dropped substantially in the last week or so. The client just noticed the change today. And unfortunately the timing coincides with us taking a their new Website live. We took the new site live on Saturday. And now the client thinks that...
  10. Brian

    Pending listing

    I am working with client that has had a pending listing for two or more months. The Places listing is ? Lacking a description ? Listed as Service area business. Even though they really serve their clients at their place of business Are these sufficient reasons to have a pending listing...
  11. Brian

    Two Offices with one website in one Metro area

    I am working with a one attorney that added a new office location in the downtown of a major city last spring. Up until that point he had one office located in a suburban community. Last spring we updated express update Localeze and Acxiom with the new downtown office address and phone. We...