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    Adding Extra (non Holiday) Hours such as Drive Thru

    Does anyone know if/when the ability will be available to add such hours to a location (in the GMB Dash hours area)?
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    GMB Insights Comparison

    Are there any industry stats / benchmarks that one can use to compare results provided from GMB insights...
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    Curious Multiple 5-Star Reviews

    My customer has hired another SEO layer/firm that deals with reviews. In the last 24-48 hours (and I am NOT exaggerating), I have received roughly 70 5-Star G reviews for various locations. They only have 59 locations. None of the reviews provide content, just the 5-Stars...This is beyond...
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    Hours of Operation on different browsers

    We have a customer claiming WRONG H.O.O for a location when the search is performed on Safari or Firefox. All else (GMB et al) they are CORRECT. Any ideas?
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    Fake Yelp Review What Recourse?

    We have a customer that is reportedly very upset that there are several bad reviews on Yelp regarding her specifically that are not true. She said the reviews have been there for several months and that she uses this branch often and has never had an experience like is described in the review...
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    Puerto Rico Locations/Addresses

    I cannot get my PR locations/addresses to work in GMB. They say I MUST include a state but PR is not an option...Has anyone else had this issue or know how to solve it?
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    New GMB Dashboard Missing Many Important "GMB Classic" functionality

    Is it just me but is the new GMB Dashboard Missing Many Important "GMB Classic" (old dashboard) functionality? Most important omission is the ability to filter Google Updates by "kind" which is a BIG omission in my opinion. The old dash allowed you to efficiently access/process daily updates...
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    Customer requesting help with SEO optimization for "Customer Name" Keyword Ranking

    My customer wants to rank for the following key words: "Contact customer name" Sounds a bit simplistic but does anyone have guidance on how best to go about achieving this?
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    Bulk Upload Or One-By-One

    Apologies as I am sure this has been covered.....We have a new customer with 25 locations. None are claimed on Google. Is it best practice to: 1) Claim each one-by-one and go thru the cumbersome PIN/Postcard route OR 2) Get a clean bulk spreadsheet from customer and merely upload the 25...
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    GMB Updates Recycling in and Out

    I have the EXACT same "attributes/accessibility updates" recycle into and out of my dash EVERY day. I have tried accepting them then discarding them and vice versa. But regardless of what I do they just continually appear in my account day after day after day...regardless of my previous...
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    Does anyone have some actionable info on either of these 2 review sites? We have a customer who has sent cease and desist orders and they do not seem to respond. I checked the DAuth of each and neither is particularly high but I thought someone might have some info/experience in dealing with...
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    Address Not Showing on G Maps Search Results

    Is there a reason why a multi-location company (that we manage the GMB for) would not show the address in G Maps search results for a particular city in which there are many locations?
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    Creating a Dupe G Page In order to delete one with a bad review

    Is the following an option? Creating a Dupe G Page In order to delete one with a bad review...
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    GMB Issue (Circular Attribute Updates)

    I was wondering if anyone can help with this issue. Every day I get the VERY SAME attribute updates to the SAME locations. I accept all of them each time and yet they reappear each time I log back in! Any ideas on how to stop this unending cycle/loop?
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    Merging 2 GMB Accounts

    I have a question regarding merging 2 GMB accounts. There will be duplicates in our account (after we pull in the ones from the "other" GMB account) that we will need to delete. Can I get some help in how best to do this?
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    Removing an Erroneous "Located In:" designation on a G Page

    Does anyone know how to remove an INCORRECT "Located In" portion of a G Page? We have this page in our GMB account and yet it is pulling info (the Located In:" info) from ANOTHER GMB account's page that happens to be located in the same street/city...The Located In portion is somehow pulling...
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    Facebook?s Places Graph makes 140 million locations available to developers

    Can someone provide an "application" explanation of this Facebook announcement and better explain how a company can take advantage of this?
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    Changing an item appearing on a G+ page

    Hello, We have a business that has purchased another business and change their name. I?ve been provided a link to a google+ page that has the old business info overlaid in strange fashion over the new purchasing business name?s information. How does one effectively edit a google+ page? Thanx...
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    Google Review Violation

    Can someone provide an easy goto for reporting and resolving Google Review Violations? Thank you!
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    GMB Problem: Thousands of Unforeseen/Unexpected "Resolve Updates"

    Here we go again. I have literally thousands of ?resolve updates? in all my GMB accounts. They all seem to invariably be adding ?wheelchair accessible? in the ?amenities? area (though many are adding locations as ?closed? on FRI which is inaccurate in ALL cases!). Is there any way we can run...