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  1. valentinb13

    Big jump in campaign sessions after site relaunch

    I'm not complaining, but trying to figure out if there's a good explanation to this: Client relaunched site in late July — we use UTMs on their 50+ locations — we did nothing with the GMB/UTM before or directly after the launch. We noticed that users and sessions spiked (on our campaigns) right...
  2. valentinb13

    How to Get a GMB verified if you don't have a physical location

    Saw this tweet earlier: So following up, here's our situation. We have a crime scene cleanup client has a physical location/HQ here in Florida. We have a verified GMB for the "HQ". He operates in multiple locations in different states. But they do not have physical locations. They are the...
  3. valentinb13

    Previously claimed GMB Page

    A little backstory as this has been an ongoing issue for over a month now with no resolution: Client has a Google Places/GMB listing - it was set up/claimed/verified by a previous SEO or previous employee (client is not sure) - I have no access to it via email nor cannot contact the whoever set...