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  1. Vijay Marathe

    Getting 500 Server Error when signing in to GMB dashboard!

    Since yesterday evening, i have been getting 500 Server Error intermittently while trying to sign in to GMB accounts. Anybody else experiencing something similar? i am also not able to add new owners to the GMB for some accounts.
  2. Vijay Marathe

    MOZ tool not picking up ExpressUpdate listings!

    Of late, i have noticed that the MOZ Local tool is not picking up listings on ExpressUpdate even if a good listing exists on Has anybody else been experiencing the same?
  3. Vijay Marathe

    Google Knowledge graph not displaying phone numbers

    Hello, Has anyone noticed the disappearance of phone number from knowledge panel displays. especially after the recent algo update? We have a few clients who get a solid knowledge panel on Google with details such as reviews from Healthgrades and all the other features that establish their...
  4. Vijay Marathe

    Best name format for single practitioner businesses on local directories other than G

    Google's guidelines are quite clear for adding names of businesses that have a single public facing practitioner: Practice name: Practitioner I am curios to know what name formats are all of us here adding to other IYPs? In my experience, Yelp does not allow the "Practice name...
  5. Vijay Marathe

    Mapquest,, Yasabe and Yellowise - no more free!

    As recent as last month, one could add or edit listings on these directories free of cost using some workarounds - but no more. You now need to go through Yext only, of course for a price. What has been your experience with these directories?
  6. Vijay Marathe

    iBegin - Has anybody been able to get thru' phone verification for Alaskan clients?

    I have never been able to get an iBegin listing verified by phone for our Alaskan clients. For mainland clients, the phone verification process of iBegin works just fine. What makes the matter worse is their customer support. Any experiences dealing with iBegin?
  7. Vijay Marathe

    Remove duplicate listings from MerchantCircle

    Hey all, Most of you would be knowing this already: Very effective. Thanks, Vijay
  8. Vijay Marathe

    Google Places listing for a real agent has the same address as that of his principal

    Hello all, How do we create a Google Places listing for a real estate agent who has the same address as that of their principal, but not the same phone number? As far as I have learnt, Google will merge the two listings or the SEO efforts would not at all be effective from the real estate...
  9. Vijay Marathe

    Seeking advice on how to contact Favecentral

    Favecentral is an important part of the local search eco-system (David Mihm). Has any of the members ever had a chance to communicate with them? I am trying to contact them to get a bad listing removed (without reciprocal linking or paying anything). It would be great if you could advise on how...
  10. Vijay Marathe

    Here one minute gone the next - the suite issue in addresses

    There must be many who are facing this problem. How are you dealing with the issue of disappearing suite numbers? I approached Google through this form: and Google assured me that the Ste would be added soon but that has...