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    Unexplained spike in GMB Views?

    We're also seeing a spike in views for many customers, starting around Sept 25-26 up till now. However, like mentioned above, there's no spike in the conversion rate. Could it be a bug in the reporting process?
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    Google My Business Messaging

    Is there a way one can receive an email, along with the app notification? For some reason I don't get a sound nor a buzz for the app notification, is this the way it's supposed to be? If so, notifications coming from the app are practically useless and I have to keep checking for messages...
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    Google Switching Phone Numbers in GMB Listing

    I too have a client with two phone numbers, but I don't see the second number anywhere - not on desktop, nor on mobile search. Where does it show, besides the dashboard?
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    Two business at same address

    A few months ago we had trouble verifying two totally separate and independent businesses at the same address - one sold mattresses, the other one offered moving services. There is a business building at the address and there are legitimate suite#s in the addresses, along with different phone...
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    New Way to Identify Penalties/Problems?

    Try adding the profile photo from the G+ page instead of doing it through the dashboard and check if it will appear on the SERP. It worked for us (the photo appeared instantly).
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    Hack to Check for Google Local Penalties

    Sure, I'm just throwing a guess. The thing is I can't find a reason for some of those "hidden" listings to be penalized. Here's a random example: This is the Places 100 SERP for the same query: Can anyone find a reason why this listing may be penalized? Because it looks just fine to me.
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    Hack to Check for Google Local Penalties

    Hi all, I read everything in this thread and I have something to add to the discussion, though some of you may already know that. First of all, I recently found this forum thread from 2011...
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    New Look to Google SERPS?

    That's the only example I found plus apparently I'm not here to advertise. The bad press is from 2 years ago. A lot has changed since then and we have made radical changes to the way we conduct our business. We don't have anything to hide.
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    New Look to Google SERPS?

    Has anyone noticed that the new SERP also shows your recent blog post(s) in the branded search results? Take a look:
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    Google Places showing Canadian results in an US query? Why is that?

    I find the not-so-new Google Maps quite annoying and since the results match, I prefer to use the cleaner Places interface for some tasks. I realize that Detroit is too close to Canada and probably a single Canadian result isn't such a big deal, but I saw a number of queries for locations near...
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    Google Places showing Canadian results in an US query? Why is that?

    Hi, I noticed today that while performing a Google Places search for the query "Scrap Car Removals Dearborn MI" I saw this on the bottom of some SERPs "Business listings distributed by", which I thought was very unusual. I found an article by David Mihm describing how...