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    Unexplained spike in GMB Views?

    3 out 4 of my local clients' are seeing a massive spike in GMB views for October. Anyone else seeing this on their reporting? One client's views nearly doubled.
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    New GMB Listing Delivery Button?

    A client of mine just emailed me that they saw this delivery button on one of their GMB listings: when you click the order delivery button it takes you to this page: Does anyone know if we will be able to track orders (just how many) through this button or any other metrics?
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    Will welcome offers be made available in the agency dashboard?

    Came across this article from search engine journal about new GMB features including a welcome offer for users that follow the business. In the GMB help center page about welcome offers (link here) they only mention creating the offers via the GMB mobile app, does anyone know if/when that will...
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    Local Questionnaire For Franchisees

    I am creating a local questionnaire for a client that I work with in the restaurant industry. The goal is to help populate unique location-specific content for the location pages as well as the GMB description, Q&A's, GMB Posts etc I've got a few questions already figured out but wondered if...
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    GMB Q&A's only populating a few of the Q&A's that the business has posted

    A client of mine has added 25 questions and answers to their ~100 listings about 3 weeks ago. Most listings are showing 3 or so of the questions while some aren't showing any at all. However, in the GMB dashboard, they are able to see all of the Q&A's. Anyone have any trouble with this...
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    What Business Categories Are Available for Reserve With Google?

    I know that fitness, spa and hair services are available, but is there a list of GMB categories that have this feature available?
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    GMB listing not ranking for Brand Name + City

    When searching for Brand Name + Fort Worth, the location in Arlington TX always shows up unless you are really really close to the Fort Worth location (used local falcon and to verify this). I also checked to see what the distance was to City Center of Ft Worth. Arlington location...
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    GMB API v4.3 has been released

    Saw this article in my Street Fight Daily email this morning. Link to Article "The new version is numbered 4.3 and brings the addition of Q&A APIs so you can retrieve questions, post answers, and provide FAQs. It also lets you read reviews in bulk, identify unclaimed locations, report...
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    Scheduling GMB Profiles to Open on a Future Date?

    I recently saw that this feature has been rolled out to a few industries and wondering if they are going to roll it out for all soon. I tried this morning to open a client location and set the opening date to Dec 3 and got this message: Anyone have any clue on the rollout? Clients are...