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  1. Sarah

    NAP for Canadian Client's with English and French sites

    Hi everyone! I’m working on local SEO for a Canadian client in Quebec who has an English and French version of their site. The GMB listing address is defaulting to English (“street” instead of “rue”), but the NAP on their site and schema is in French. How important is it that we get the NAP...
  2. Sarah

    Local Search Auditing Best Practice?

    When requesting old/incorrect information from a client for Local Search auditing and clean-up, how far back should we go? 5 years? 10 years? Is it imperative that we clean-up old/incorrect listings on ALL citation sites regardless of how "authoritative" the site is? If a thread already exists...
  3. Sarah

    City vs. Suburb Map Pack Results

    Hi there! A handful of our clients are located in a suburb of a major city and we are finding that users are not searching for the suburbs - they are searching for the city. How do we get our clients into the page-one SERP for the city search? ex.) using BL: "breast augmentation Chicago" with...