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    Verifying a google+ business page

    I have created a google+ business page but have not verified it yet, when I login it I don't seem t be able to see or edit the categories or business address..etc Do I have to verify to be able to edit these info? Is there Anything I am missing? Thanks
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    Marking a business as closed

    Hi guys, If you remove a duplicate business listing from the dashboard, and check marked the option to remove it from google maps. shall you also mark the old business as closed?
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    How long does the listing take to go live?

    Hi Guys, I have verified a listing. it was "pending" and now it's "active" How long does it take for the listing to go live on maps? thank
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    Uploading images on Google Places listing

    Hi Guys, I have uploaded images for my Google places listing about a week ago, when I click on my business listing I still don't see them live.. how long does it take for the images to be live to the public?
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    Action needed on my dashboard

    Hey guys, Just need some input to make sure and I doing the right steps. I claimed a business, it used to be a different name but the address is the same. After I submitted/claimed the listing, now we are waiting for the code to verify the listing, on the dash board, it lists the old business...
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    Question about Google Places and Google +

    guys i am a new member here and need to ask a question. I have a client who wants me to setup a google places page. Now do I setup a google places page ( the old way ) or a google+ ? I understand the ranking factors for google places, well it change if say I set it up first for google places...