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  1. jvaquino

    How do you deal with

    Our team has been offering citation cleanup for more than 6 years now and we really noticed that it became more difficult to deal with I think most of you are aware that there are sites where they grabbed business data from and here are some of them...
  2. jvaquino

    Email From Google About GMB Photo

    Does anyone of you receive an email from Google saying thank you for uploading a photo?
  3. jvaquino

    Add Attributes on GMB Dashboard

    Is this a new feature? Haven't seen this for other GMB dashboard.
  4. jvaquino

    Does anyone know any VPN software that has Ottawa ON IP's?

    I tried every VPN software on the web, but can't find one that has Ottawa IP.
  5. jvaquino

    Question about network sites

    We are doing a cleanup for a business of ours and we noticed these sites There are tons of it actually! These kind of sites scrape data from If we fixed data on then will those site show the new...
  6. jvaquino

    How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit

    Check this new article by Casey Meraz How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit - Moz
  7. jvaquino

    Question about Aggregators??

    I am just wondering how data aggregator works. Let say I have a client who never in the past signup on any data aggregator or do any citation building (maybe they built few citations around 10 citations). But during the audit we have seen tons of citation that has incorrect data and when we...
  8. jvaquino

    Has anyone tried Factual's "Write API" option?

    Now that Factual is not accepting manual business submission and only want us to use their 3rd party "Trusted Data Contributors", does anyone tried the other option? Has anyone tried Write API and having good luck with it?
  9. jvaquino

    Price Updated for MozLocal

    I just noticed the price for MozLocal increased from $49 to $84 per year!
  10. jvaquino

    How do you take on this?

    Hello good guys and gals! So here is the situation: I am currently working for this law firm for citation cleanup. So i did the audit and everything. Then I saw tons of citation of a Hotel/Resort that uses my client's phone #. The business name is absolutely different, but they are in the same...
  11. jvaquino

    Review Button On My GoogleMyBusiness Page

    I created a GMB for my business and I just noticed that the review button appear on this image I think this is when I am logged in. I also try check the settings to make sure that review button will appear on visitors that find my page. But on the public page the review button is missing...
  12. jvaquino

    Incorrect Pin Marker on Map at Google MyBusiness Page

    Good Day, Can someone give me an advice on what action will I do on this problem. Thanks in advance! Here is the problem: I have this AC Repair client in Humble TX. I created a now verified their Google MyBusiness Page and everything is correct until my client noticed that the pin marker on...
  13. jvaquino

    Question About Business Name Suffix

    Good Day, I am currently working on some citation cleanup project. I just want to know if it will be a problem if the business name in some sites are missing suffix or like using the abbreviation like for example "limited" to "ltd" and other more suffix. Thanks
  14. jvaquino

    Phone Number Via Twilio

    Hello Local SEO Experts, I want to get some advice regarding this situation. I have a client who has this business located on Rochester NH, and without telling me he created a new G+Local listing using his friend's home address in Dover NH and used the same phone on what we used for Rochester...
  15. jvaquino

    Question Re G+Local Listing Business Name

    Hello Local SEO'er I just want to ask something. I have this client in Australia who owned an Escort Service company. On the real world there is the word "Escort" on his business name but he did not include that on his G+ Local listing because he said Google will penalize it because of the...