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  1. Jim Froling

    Google Launching New "GMB Partners" Program?

    A couple of weeks ago I was stoked to read on Google's Small Business blog that they are (finally) cracking down on and taking legal action against the dreaded "Posers" :)calling businesses claiming to be Google and threatening to delete their GMB listing unless immediate action be taken now...
  2. Jim Froling

    GMB "Agency Dashboard" Problems or Confusion

    The new GMB Agency Dashboard was released this morning. Is anyone else having trouble signing onto this? It first asks for my agency's website plus this little caveat "You’ll need to use a Google account that's associated with your company's email (and doesn't currently own or manage...
  3. Jim Froling

    Small Thanks with Google-Review Resources

    I was really excited last week when I thought I had found an exciting new Google feature "in the wild" called Small Thanks with Google. Alas, I gave Mike Blumenthal the heads up on it only to hear back from him that he blogged about it last August :o I had also given Linda news of "the find"...
  4. Jim Froling

    2/2017...Now You See Them...3/1/17: Now You Don't. 6/1/17...We're Back!

    Who else has dealt with this over the past several months? A client (SAB), with a strong local organic position, started losing much of their ranking positions, and site traffic, on March 1, 2017. Riches to Rags, basically over night. Worked with GMB Support that offered really strange and...
  5. Jim Froling

    Google Home Shopping Ads Coming to LA! Is Your Town Next?

    Google is expanding it's Home Services Ad Program to the Los Angeles area. They are actively recruiting plumbers, locksmiths and other home service providers. This "Pay To Play" 3-Pack is positioned at the top of the page above the organic local 3-Pack. Google Home Service Ads Program...
  6. Jim Froling

    Three Pack To Be ALL "Sponsored" With Google's New Home Service Ads

    As many know, Google has been testing their new ad product, Home Service Ads, in the SF Bay area. Last June Google announced at SMX that the future "3 Pack" would include one "sponsored" listing. Make that all three! We manage the local GMB listing plus AdWords account for a locksmith in...
  7. Jim Froling

    Best Strategy For Re-Branding???

    I have a long time client that is rebranding his business:eek:. New name, new logo, and new website. Business will operate from same office but will have a new phone number. Should I update all of his properties (GMB, aggregators, citations, etc.) with new NAP or start over from scratch?
  8. Jim Froling

    Great advice from Phil Rozek

    Takeaway from Google?s New Local 3-Pack: Go Niche, Young Man! |
  9. Jim Froling

    To Claim or Not To Claim?

    A new client had some big problems: several duplicate G+ Pages. I thought I had successfully deleted all of them (with some help from G Local support). Then his surviving page was blocked for spam violations. Back to G phone support and have been working with two Googlers to either merge or...
  10. Jim Froling

    Franchisor's Link or Franchisee's Link to GMB?

    A client is a franchisee for a national services company. He maintains a website for his franchise which is separate from the franchisor's and which prefers to be the central focus so he can track traffic, conversions, etc.. There were also two G+ Pages, one for each URL (his own &...
  11. Jim Froling

    Phone Consistency across citations/aggregators

    Client has LOTS of phone #s. Many different #s across multiple citation sources & aggregators. He uses different #s to measure effectiveness of various ad programs both online & offline. I'm trying to develop a strategy that adheres to local NAP consistency standards while maintaining his...
  12. Jim Froling

    Penguin Recovery Strategy

    An associate (not in our biz) just sent me an article by @AlisonBanko of Marketing Sherpa regarding a Canadian company that got smacked by the Penguin and the campaign the company employed to overcome it and eventual outcome. Interesting reading that I hope can serve others in similar...
  13. Jim Froling

    Google's Review Math Doesn't Add Up

    Having trouble with the math, Google? I have a client that has worked hard to procure reviews on Google. Though he lost a bunch during the "Purge" earlier this year, he was back up to 13 reviews, all 5 Stars!:D Today, he called and mentioned that he was down to just 12. I hit his listing &...
  14. Jim Froling

    Best "choice" to delete dupe listing?

    Client created a dupe using same address, phone, URL as his previously listing, just a different DBA. Fearing the wrath of Google when this duplicate is discovered, I want to delete the "new listing". Map Maker giving a number of options: * Place is Permanently Closed(My understanding is only...
  15. Jim Froling

    VOTE: Which website to promote?

    A client is a dentist (hello, Linda!) with two websites. The first she paid a independent developer for and the second another SEO/SEM agency. She wants me to lift her G+ Local ranking and create/manage an Adwords campaign. But which website, and therefore G+ Local listing to work on. The first...
  16. Jim Froling

    Yodel Claims Client's Places Listing but Dashboard Not Reflecting Changes

    A client recently signed on with Yodel for SEM services. They duped him into re-verifying his listing through them including URL for their template-design website. Why they messed with his local Maps & Places data for their search marketing campaign, I dunno as it wouldn't help their campaign...
  17. Jim Froling

    Long Time Listings Now "Under Review"

    When checking my G+ (Places) dashboard today I couldn't help but notice that four clients are now Pending "Being reviewed". These clients have been verified and active for several months, one for over a year. All was well last week. Doing a quick few searches on two of the clients still...
  18. Jim Froling

    Wait weeks or be proactive?

    Client had several dupe's for his business. His DBA (desired listing), his corporate name and an old DBA no longer relevant. I suspended the corporate and old DBA listing in Maps, fleshed out the proper DBA. Phone verification supplied new codes. All was well for about two weeks. Then the...