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  1. Susan

    Totally stumped/flabbergasted about how these guys are dominating a competitive market.

    I'm able to see Henderson towing has two listings in the local pack - one under the henderson name and one under the "detroit towing service" name with a diff phone number. I suggested an edit of the latter. Hope that helps. They also are spamming their content on the home page with a city +...
  2. Susan

    Which Hosting Company do you guys recommend please?

    If you are looking for a great wp managed platform - we love - they are awesome and have amazing support. They have a deal now for $3.95 per month - if you lock in for a year or more. Good luck!
  3. Susan

    Problems listing with some Citations

    I actually used the SEE A PROBLEM with mapquest yesterday and they already corrected the error. :)
  4. Susan

    Server upgrades: August 2019

    Thank you sir!
  5. Susan

    GMB Listings Stuck in Pending

    I spoke with GMB Support again this morning about accounts being stuck in PENDING mode - they are saying it is a "known technical glitch" but they have no "timeframe for a fix". :(
  6. Susan

    LocalU Advanced - Denver, CO - Sept 19, 2019

    I ABSOLUTELY AGREE! I try to go to at least one a year, they are constantly updating their content and teaching the latest and greatest for Local SEO. Best money spent by far from any other conference/meet up etc.
  7. Susan

    GMB "Pending Review" Issue Resolved?

    I still have 3 that are "pending review" and have been for approx 3 weeks. :( Hopefully, you are on to something and they will get pushed through.
  8. Susan

    Does my GMB short name have to match the business name for my listing to be optimised?

    Here's a good article i found: Google adds short names and URLs to Google My Business listings - Search Engine Land
  9. Susan

    Does my GMB short name have to match the business name for my listing to be optimised?

    I'm also interested in Oliver's questions and any best practices for "short names" in GMB -
  10. Susan

    Client moved, been updating citations but rankings dropping

    joy also wrote a great article ; Moving Your Office Without Losing Rankings: The Local Business Owner's Guide - Search Engine Land a bit older post but still good.
  11. Susan

    Client moved, been updating citations but rankings dropping

    HI George, I recently went through this and am now utilizing citation clean up service and it has and is making a huge difference. They manually update the citations, which is awesome. Let me know if you have any questions. otherwise, I definitely recommend outsourcing the work if...
  12. Susan

    Automating Citations for Multi-Location Business

    Ditto what Darren said. I can also vouch for Whitespark's work. Definitely recommend that route. Feel free to message me if you have any specific questions about my experience with their team! Good Luck Brett.
  13. Susan

    Are agencies allow to hold Google Analytics account data hostage?

    Rich, Thank you so very much for sharing this link! Very much appreciated.
  14. Susan

    Looking for Local SEO expert for consulting

    JOY HAWKINS and her team at Sterling are the best there is . ..i would recommend reaching out to Joy or Colan first. Good luck!
  15. Susan

    Search Ranking Reports?

    I use BrightLocal, The Local Falcon AND Whitespark's rank tracking tool! Happy Friday!
  16. Susan

    AWESOME new tool to score online reviews from Whitespark

    Whitespark just released a new free tool : This is awesome!
  17. Susan

    Google Posts Showing in the Local Finder

    This is awesome, but i"m not able to replicate at all. :(
  18. Susan

    Client disappeared in 3-pack & organic after GMB category priority change

    HI Steph, i'm not seeing anything that stands out either. I would agree with Colan's advice and change your categories back for a period. Best of luck!
  19. Susan Is Hiring!

    This is an AWESOME opportunity to work with and learn from two really top minds in SEO. Andrew, Good Luck in your search! Are you looking for someone locally in CA?