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  1. Blake Denman

    Site Kit by Google WordPress plugin

    The real thanks go to @Conor Treacy, he was the one who published the stats!
  2. Blake Denman

    Weird Email from Google?

    @aputtock, was this email from a legitimate email or is there any chance that it's a phishing scam?
  3. Blake Denman

    Site Kit by Google WordPress plugin

    This is the content I came to see in this thread. Minimal impact, good to know. We built out GDS reports and I think we'll just stick to those for now.
  4. Blake Denman

    Page Speed

    What CMS are you using?
  5. Blake Denman

    What are the 12 Core Citations Every Business Needs in 2019?

    Besides what's already been said, we also defer to what citation sources are already ranking for our client's keywords. Good old fashioned barnacle SEO can work really well if you invest in building up a profile and earning reviews to the listing.
  6. Blake Denman

    GMB verification prank call from Pubcon

    Stay away from Chinese food, Joy!
  7. Blake Denman

    How Do You Find Niche Specific Citation Directories?

    We only do searches on Google to find these. Barnacle SEO can still work very well.
  8. Blake Denman

    GMB Q&A Gone Missing?

    I'm seeing that too but for one of my clients, it doesn't happen.
  9. Blake Denman

    GMB Q&A Gone Missing?

    I'm seeing some clients in the same industry (addiction treatment) that have their Q&A still there and others that are now showing 0 when I know there were at least 3 prior.
  10. Blake Denman

    Title / Heading Variations or Exact Match?

    Why not create dedicated pages for each? Massage, Yoga, and Meditation are topically different. Then, your title tags can be very keyword specific and you will likely have more room to add something unique about the business.
  11. Blake Denman

    G+ - Gone for Good?

    Didn't watch the video bc I was at MozCon Local for the presentation.
  12. Blake Denman

    G+ - Gone for Good?

    That presentation had to do with review sentiment and keywords used in reviews from third-party sites and GMB listings can influence ranking. Dan Leibson and Andrew Shotland just published research backing this up too. Mike did do a talk (or maybe a blog post) about posting on G+ to increase...
  13. Blake Denman

    Backlinks like local BBB and local area chambers of commerce worth paying for?

    ^This. If you get a link, cool. When we are evaluating opportunities in a local market, we don't give a crap if it's a dofollow or nofollow, ESPECIALLY if it will send quality traffic.. At the end of the day it comes down to ROI. I would much rather have a nofollow link from a local site that...
  14. Blake Denman

    What to Include in Proposals / Statement of Work?

    We attach our SoW to every agreement. Our agreement also has an exclusion list of what we are NOT providing. If a client signs up for local SEO with us and then wants us to work on AdWords, then we'll amend the agreement and include new pricing and a new SoW.
  15. Blake Denman

    Listing business name/"practitioner"

    Thank you guys so much for the responses!!! I reached out to the client to figure out if he's employed by the country club and/or if he does lessons elsewhere.
  16. Blake Denman

    Listing business name/"practitioner"

    Hello all, Hoping to get some feedback about the correct way to structure a business name for a different kind of practitioner listing. New client is a golf instructor at a local golf course. He has his own phone number, but he resides at this golf course to do instructions. Would you just...
  17. Blake Denman

    A lot of movement in the 3-pack / Local Finder

    Yes, you can make a minor edit in the description as a soft edit.
  18. Blake Denman

    A lot of movement in the 3-pack / Local Finder

    Had the same issue with a client. Dropped everywhere. Did a soft edit in the GMB dashboard and rankings were restored within 15 minutes. Have you tried a soft edit yet?