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    Stop words in title or not - for the main keyword?

    The client wants to rank for "Veterinarian + City". But it sounds weird to not spell the title like "Veterinarian in + City" Will they rank for the main keyword if I include "in" in the title? (Does Google understand that they are the same or whats the proper way to do it)
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    Review Request - Business Card - Text optimization?

    I would like to create a business card for a client with a review request to GMB and would like to brainstorm best heading + text. Any ideas on what to write to increase the conversion rate? This is what I´ve come up with so far. HEADING Thank you Thank you for choosing us Reviews makes us...
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    Title / Heading Variations or Exact Match?

    The client offers Massage, Yoga & Meditation. If I set the title and heading for the landing page to "Massage, Yoga & Meditation in Miami" will it rank for "Massage Miami" or does the title and heading have to be exact match as the search phrase?