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  1. DanLeibson

    Proximity is the new Yeezy

    Proximity is trending up up up in local search discussions lately. I have been thinking about it a lot and talking with some other SEOs about it. Here is what my research and thoughts have led to so far. Proximity, The Number 1 Local SEO Ranking Sub-Factor - Local SEO Guide Darren and I have a...
  2. DanLeibson

    How to Leverage Lean Methodologies for Local SEO

    Hey all, I'm a big believer in lean and agile methodologies, so try to incorporate those into our business operations as much as possible. It was really allowed us a great degree of flexibility. It has allowed us to take on more work with fewer people and allows us to improve our processes (and...
  3. DanLeibson

    Local Keyword Generator

    Hey All, Just put together this Google Sheets script to make localization of keywords easier. Hopefully you find it useful: The Local Keyword Generator Tool - Local SEO Guide
  4. DanLeibson

    2016 Local SEO Ranking Factors Deck from SMX Advanced

    Hey Everyone, I know some of you were interested in the actual presentation, so here is my 2016 Local SEO Ranking Factors deck from SMX Advanced: 2016 Local SEO Ranking Factors If you like the Silicon Valley and data then you should like it! Also if you want to check out the full study you...
  5. DanLeibson

    Google My Business Support Horror Stories

    In an effort to get Google to improve upon the generally terrible Google My Business support, and provide some catharsis for the community, I thought it would be fun to here what other peoples horror stories are. Someone on my team just had a doozy and is what inspired me to post this thread...
  6. DanLeibson

    Even The Best Citations Can Suck

    I think one of the problems with SEO is that SEO best practice playbooks that get run are "best practices" in a vacuum and may not be right for particular businesses or situations. This is particularly a problem when it comes to scalable solutions (either agencies scaling for thousands of SMBs...
  7. DanLeibson

    Multi-Location Brands & Local SEO

    Hey everyone, I have had a few requests to post my deck (and just saw a conversation about "near me" searches which I cover) so I figured I would post a link to it here. What About Us? Local SEO & Multi-Location Businesses
  8. DanLeibson

    Google Search Consoles Search Analytics Report is Not To Be Trusted

    Hey All, I've long been skeptical of the new Search Analytics report in GSC and recently published this piece on why it's not to be trusted. I think as local SEO's we need to be even more skeptical of this data. Should you trust Google's Search Analytics Report? - Local SEO Guide I'm...
  9. DanLeibson

    Google Testing New Paid Home Services Local Pack

    Check out this new paid pack result that Dr. Pete found: Spoke with him real briefly about it and this paid pack was the only pack being displayed on that page. While only a test, this has the potential to be a huge game changer.
  10. DanLeibson

    LocalU Hangout: Google My Business Locations

    Hey All, Tomorrow Mike Blumenthal is hosting a LocalU hangout covering GMBL issues. Should be a good time, and hopefully we can cover some of the pain points with Google's bulk product that y'all are dealing with (as there sure are a lot)...
  11. DanLeibson

    Apple Maps Launches Self Service Listing Portal

    I never thought I would see the day! You can now add/edit a business listing on Apple Maps through Maps Connect:
  12. DanLeibson

    Local Search Mozinar

    Hi everyone! I am giving a Mozinar tomorrow 11/18 from 10:30am PT - 12:00pm PT. You can find the registration and description here: I am going to go over more strategy and process as opposed to a discussion of tactics. This talk will also cover...
  13. DanLeibson

    How to remove listings from the new Google Places dashboard

    Just started seeing this today. Special thanks to Matt Cheah for being eagle eyed.
  14. DanLeibson

    SEMPO Local Search Webinar 7/25

    Hi everyone! I am giving an online webinar on local search for SEMPO on 7/25. It is free to SEMPO members and $15 if you are not a SEMPO member. I will be going over the state of local search, it's fragmentation give actionable advice on how to optimize for all these fragmented components. If...