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  1. Susan

    AWESOME new tool to score online reviews from Whitespark

    Whitespark just released a new free tool : This is awesome!
  2. Susan

    NAP Consistency & Call Tracking

    Very interesting post by Mark Sullivan at CallRail about call tracking and NAP consistency. Local SEO, DNI, & NAP Consistency: An Advanced Guide | Call Tracking and Analytics I'm curious to hear other's thoughts on this touchy subject. Do you use call tracking?
  3. Susan

    Removing a "Closed" business from the SERPs?

    Is there a way to actually remove a closed business from showing up in the SERPs? Our dilemma is for a hotel chain in new orleans, they have a permanently closed location for showing, but the other location in new orleans is no where to be found, so it appears that the hotel chain is closed...
  4. Susan

    51% say High Local Rankings Deliver Greater Response than Organic - Great research and post - I have got to here people's opinions on this! Great blogpost by Ross Marchant over at Bright Local on Organic Listings vs. Local Listings! 51% say high...
  5. Susan

    Local Businesses Squeezed out of organic search for larger companys

    Wanted to share this great post by Myles Anderson of Bright Local. Great info and results. Local Businesses Squeezed Out Of Organic Search By Larger Websites
  6. Susan

    The JSON-LD Markup Guide To Local Business Schema

    Great post by Whitespark - shared by Phil Rozek on microdata vs Json-LD. This is a must read! The JSON-LD Markup Guide To Local Business Schema | Whitespark Let me know your thoughts? Which do you prefer?
  7. Susan

    How to RECLAIM an Orphaned GMB Listing - Step by Step Guide to Google+ Support

    Phil Rozek shared a post by Whitespark's Gene Maryushenko yesterday on Google+ that I wanted to share. It's a fabulous step by step guide to Google + Support. It walks you through how to find support and how to claim orphaned Google+ pages with screen shots and all. Head over and check it out...