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    eLocal hijacked my Bing Listing

    Hi, I am little confused. I am also going to reach out to Bing. Over the last year I had some minor issues (I thought) with my Bing listing. I had to confirm it several times through postcard and overall i just didn't feel good about it (i don't quite remember why). So today I finally noticed...
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    Thinking about opening second branch

    Hello, We are a maid cleaning business. Evidently it is a service area business as we go to customer locations and few visit us at the the branch. As we have been analyzing our business we have noticed that most of our customers are in fairly tight radius around our branch. This is despite...
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    Directory Showing In Brand Search Term Results

    Hi, i'm new here. I tried searching since I thought this question has been asked before, but unfortunately i couldn't find anything. I run a local business focused on maid cleaning services. When you search for my brand name the usual suspects pop up in the search results. My homepage...