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    Add "fake" joblistings to get nofollow backlinks?

    I did an analysis on our main competing seo agency and I noticed that they usually add the websites that they work on to a bunch of job listing sites, but all those backlinks are nofollow. So Im wondering if theres any merit to what they are doing, even if the company doesnt look to hire? Cause...
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    Stop words in title or not - for the main keyword?

    The client wants to rank for "Veterinarian + City". But it sounds weird to not spell the title like "Veterinarian in + City" Will they rank for the main keyword if I include "in" in the title? (Does Google understand that they are the same or whats the proper way to do it)
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    Title / Heading Variations or Exact Match?

    Its for local results for the Home-page. I have dedicated pages for all of them but wondered how to phrase the title for the Home-page so it ranks as good as possible. Would you ever consider creating three separate websites for each of the services since the business started of with massage...
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    Review Request - Business Card - Text optimization?

    Ah thats a very good idea, I can add the link with a QR code and then print out a bunch of each and do A/B testing :)
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    Review Request - Business Card - Text optimization?

    I would like to create a business card for a client with a review request to GMB and would like to brainstorm best heading + text. Any ideas on what to write to increase the conversion rate? This is what I´ve come up with so far. HEADING Thank you Thank you for choosing us Reviews makes us...
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    Title / Heading Variations or Exact Match?

    The client offers Massage, Yoga & Meditation. If I set the title and heading for the landing page to "Massage, Yoga & Meditation in Miami" will it rank for "Massage Miami" or does the title and heading have to be exact match as the search phrase?