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    Local Service Ads

    Great advice. I was one of those people who went into the service area settings on a whim and found that a lot of towns that I couldn't select during the initial roll-out were now available. It very well might have been a year that I missed out on those towns because I didn't check.
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    Do google punish google my businesses with only 5 star reviews?

    This seems like one of those correlation does not equal causation things. Businesses who market well and have good conversations rates might have a 4.7 rating on average. But that does not mean that a business's conversation rate will increase if they, for example, were to purposely ask for...
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    I just noticed in the browser version of GMB the "Share your Business Profile" seems new: And when clicking on it, it also puts the ?gm at the end of the link to my Google profile So it adds the ?gm to both the review link and profile link.
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    I downloaded the GMB app and noticed that inside it will send a review link to someone thru text or email or any other method you want, but the link uses ?gm at the end. Example: Normally it is without the ?gm I am curious what the ?gm does and if anything...
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    Trending [November 5, 2019 Local Algorithm Update] Unexplained big drops in GMB rankings

    If that happens, would that mean that the big franchise SAB's that pay the most for SEO will be able to take over in all areas and push out the small companies that don't have nearly the money to spend on SEO and currently get calls based mostly on proximity?
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    Questions Vanishing

    I asked and answered 3 questions with my main Google account which is also the account I use for my business and GMB. They all showed up, then only 2, then all 3 again, now only 1. I am hoping it's a bug that will be resolved.
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    Storage Units - Are They REALLY Against The Rules?

    Is it legal for him to do commercial work there (proper zoning, insurance, etc.)? Do the rules allow it? Or is it something that he does because no one says not to?
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    Office hours differ from service hours

    I wish they would make different set of hours. As a service area business I do field work from 8AM to 4PM. But I am open to accept calls from 7AM to 9PM. If I put the field hours on Google, then many people looking to call after 4PM will wait until the next day to call or just call the next...
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    Bank employee gives customer's business negative Google Review after frustrating phone call

    This is why I am nice to everyone who knows my business name. Telemarketers, service people, road raging motorists, etc.
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    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    I did mention out the line and add your line like you said. It's still doing the same thing. The first post I had on this topic was a little off. As I clarified above, it only does it when typing which is an odd thing to do. I don't know if anyone or any spider would...
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    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    When typing just the website in, it will forward from to but if I type in it will stay there (no www.) as I surf the site
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    Brightlocal: Fake Reviews Statistics

    It's a saying. You didn't pay for the review that you are reading, so you can't expect much value out of it. Just to clarify, my post above was from the view of the consumer, not the business owner.
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    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    So I checked the htaccess. It changed the redirect that GoDaddy added that I posted in the second post to this: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On </IfModule> So I pasted the original code back in htaccess and all is well.
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    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    That didn't work. When typing in the domain without www. it still goes there, it doesn't get redirected to www. Furthermore, and I know this might sound crazy, but when I entered that as you specified, it actually deleted an existing redirect. I remember there was an odd redirect at the very...
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    Brightlocal: Fake Reviews Statistics

    Fake reviews don't bother me. What bothers me is real reviews from stupid people. People who give a low rating for a reason that doesn't make any sense and is often their own mistake or ignorance. Reviews are worth what you pay for them.
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    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    Yes, I have cPanel. What I meant to ask is if it matters if someone could go to either www. or just without the www.? Is it important to redirect to one or the other?
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    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    I will try that when I get back to the office. In the meantime I have a question just for my own curiosity. Is it good practice to have a redirect from to Or is this just me trying to appease my OCD? :giggle:
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    Citation Value?

    I can't help with your question, but I just want to say that half of the results of Yext's scanning tool are outright wrong.
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    Offsite changes to make after switching to SSL

    Sure. Right now the only redirection code I have for this type of thing is what GoDaddy put in when they switched my site from http to https. It's what I posted earlier in the thread, this code: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}...