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    Can't Add Address In Listing

    Hi, I am trying to add this address: Units 5-6 North Close Business Centre Folkestone Postcode However, it just keeps reffering back to this: North Close, Folkestone, Postcode Should address line 1 be units 5 and 6? I have tried it in every way possible.
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    How long until a listing appears in search results and when will images show?

    Hi, So I have literally just verified my first listing and it has gone live and I can see it on the map. (here) - This looks really empty with none of the images I added to my local listing though? How long does it usually take for the listing to start appearing in search engines for my term...
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    How do you get locally related links?

    I am still waiting on the card to verify the Google + listing I am doing for somebody and it is climbing the rankings nicely. So I head towards link building, I just happen to own the biggest forum that is specific to the area he operates so he has a footer link on the homepage as well as links...
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    UK Phone Number Formatting

    Hey, I just wondered how the UK guys format their numbers? I have put the number into the Google Local page and it has formatted it like this: xxx xxxx xxxx However, when going into some directories it doesn't let me as it uses it's own format. Does this matter too much?
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    Card hasn't arrived?

    A verification card was sent a couple of weeks ago now but haven't had anything yet. I had an email today saying it should be here and to request a new one but if I do this and the original one turns up tomorrow will that pin be void?
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    The best way to get a review after a job?

    I am helping out with a site for a carpenter and I am trying to get him into the internet side of promoting his business! He isn't very computer literate so I need to find him a way to get reviews from his clients as easily as possible. He is a nice polite guy so I don't think that will be an...
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    The best way to get Citations indexed?

    So I have submitted a business into a few Citation sites in the UK, I have made sure the name, address and number is the same on each but I can't seem to get them indexed. Do you just wait for them to index naturally?