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    Business Moving a Town Away

    So I have a situation where we were located in one town but are now moving 20 miles away. This business has already been located in the town we are moving back to. When we moved a year ago I started a new places page with a new email and site for the new town. I still have a site up for the...
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    BUG Warning - Check Address to be Sure Still Hidden

    I was wondering if there was any update on this? My listing is still displaying the address.
  3. WineCountryCarpetCleaning

    BUG Warning - Check Address to be Sure Still Hidden

    Bug affected my listing this morning, hoping it resolves itself.
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    How to Use Schema Markup for Local SEO

    Would you recommend keeping the micro formats the same? I just realized I am using schema for NAP and hcard for reviews.
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    Are existing citations better than new ones?

    This doesn't really apply to a SMB type situation, just sort of a hypothetical I was wondering about. i.e if all citations were done properly and aged for 6 months to a year would the listing move up the rankings faster. You made a very good point about the danger of a scraped listing being...
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    Are existing citations better than new ones?

    Was wondering what people thought on this, does it make a difference if a business has a lot of citations before a places or G+ page is created, or is creating citations after the page is created just as good? Obviously it will take some time to index all of the citaitions, but assuming all...
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    Can't Rank? Link Building Won't Help You?

    Re: Can?t Rank? Link Building Won?t Help You? Interesting read, its cool seeing the updates all the way back to 03. I am sort of a fan of most of the changes. It hurts a little right at first but once you get used to it, strategies change and basically the entire game is shifted a little. I...
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    SERP Titles

    If this change ends up becoming the norm, I will be stoked. I have always kind of thought my title tags decreased ctr, but helped rankings. I will always have my cake and eat it too, if that is an option :)
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    SERP Titles

    I don't think that G is pulling different title tags, I think some people are just writing them differently. I have played around over the years but always come back to the classic version. LOL It keeps rejecting the title tag, so you will have to use your imagination to envision this wrapped...
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    Service business that got deleted from Places? Here's what happens

    I don't doubt it was maps for a second. No salesman would ever hang up on you :)
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    Service business that got deleted from Places? Here's what happens

    That is the first time I have ever heard of the calls coming from anywhere other than mountain view. Great warning to have.
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    Is it beneficial having the "Areas Served List" on Website..

    I can't imagine the big block of areas served text actually helping a site rank for any of the city's individually. I always figured that at some point this must have worked for someone at some time in the past, but its absolutely not going to do it organically anymore.
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    Dex Knows

    I called a Dex rep a few days ago trying to get a listing, and they gave me a run around. To the best of my knowledge it would take an act of congress to get a free listing on that site now. I was pretty straight forward with the guy, and eventually he responded in kind. He asked around and...
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    Business owner used for G+ profile when creating new Local page?

    With a places page you can do authorship through a personal G+ page, but not rel=publisher.
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    Local SEO PIMP - Rap Music Video

    Had to come back to this, favorite part is the way the first question is signed "one billion people Philippians"
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    When Google looks the other way

    Its interesting that they spammed the crap out of the title but didn't spam the categories, or the description.
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    Local SEO PIMP - Rap Music Video

    I absolutely loved that!
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    Is it possible to over optimize images on your website?

    Definitely optimize images, but do it in a reasonable way. A lot of times people who have every image name "travel agency Cincinnati" are the same people who have over optimized text, that triggers a penalty. It is all about striking a balance.
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    How Search Works & Fighting Spam - Inside Scoop from Google

    I really liked the interactive view of what is being removed at that moment. I would love to know which is manual, and which is being done automatically I was checking it out yesterday and some of the stuff being de indexed looked better than I would have suspected.
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    Do you ping your citations?

    Appreciate the tip on localeze, also appreciate all the advice on the indexing problem. I am learning that you really have to shift your mindset and time frame when you deal with local search. It really is a slow and gradual process but once it is done the rankings are so much less volatile.