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  1. Kaufman

    Accurate Local Listing Scan

    Hi, Can someone recommend an accurate listing scan tool? Every tool we come across skews results to make the listing report look bad. For instance, St. & Street is not inaccurate. Avenue & Ave. are not mismatched.
  2. Kaufman

    Yext Class Action Suit?

    Hi, I have been in this business for 20+ years. I have had a bit of success. Can someone tell me why there is no class action suit against #yext, #mapquest, etc, etc? Extortion, anyone?
  3. Kaufman


    Can anyone provide some feedback on this tool?
  4. Kaufman

    1 Agency/Client Dashboard

    I am wondering if a platform exists that can roll up services & reporting across multiple products for small business. Something similar to Vendasta that includes: Listings, Reviews, Email, SMS, SEO, Loyalty, ETC....