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  1. Jim Froling

    Map Pack & GMB spammed company names - How to Get Google to Care

    Thanks for the reminder, Joy. I finally remembered that announcement from late February and found the link on another post here. Submitted the "problem child" and am looking forward to what transpires. Hope you're well and your trip home from Dana Point was less eventful than your trip here.
  2. Jim Froling

    Map Pack & GMB spammed company names - How to Get Google to Care

    Joy, are there other tips you would suggest as to what to include (and not) when reporting spam cases on the GMB Forum?
  3. Jim Froling

    GMB Listings Not Pulling Any Discovery Insights Numbers for March

    Another member of this forum posted recently of "zeros" for several clients during a period in March. I was looking for that thread because I too have experienced this "phenomenon". I couldn't find it (yet) but in the meantime I found your post here. I have had several clients with very...
  4. Jim Froling

    Drop to 0 in views and actions over the weekend (3/29-4/1)

    I've had the same thing happen periodically since last summer. I agree with Matt Heffner that it is most likely a reporting glitch on Google's part. While it freaked me out at first, since normalcy returned a day later I got over it pretty quickly. Matt's suggestion of utm parameters is worth...
  5. Jim Froling

    New Ownership: Joy Hawkins' Company Sterling Sky, Inc. Has Acquired the Forum

    Re: New Ownership: Joy Hawkins’ Company Sterling Sky, Inc. Has Acquired the Forum Wow! Talk about "Bittersweet". First, Linda, thank you SO much for your dedication, support and friendship to all over the past 6+ years. Your steadying influence and keen insights have been a blessing to all...
  6. Jim Froling

    The Medic Core Algorithm Update - August 1, 2018

    Re: Core Algorithm Update - August 1, 2018 Does this update have a name yet? Since it is affecting a big chunk of the YMYL sites perhaps "The Doctor Oz update" or perhaps just "Oz". Since Google likes to name updates after animals, if a lot of obstetricians are affected, perhaps "Stork" may...
  7. Jim Froling

    Breaking: Linda gets Suspended by Google

    Linda, I know a couple of really good local SEO consultants that could help make sure that doesn't happen again;)
  8. Jim Froling

    Does adding an SSL really boost ranking ?

    Not having a SSL certificate will almost certainly affect traffic in September when Google starts warning users that a site is not secure.
  9. Jim Froling

    GMB "Agency Dashboard" Problems or Confusion

    Thanks, I really appreciate the input. However, I've decided not to touch this thing until the bugs are resolved. Just too much time and effort to potentially screw up my client listings permanently.
  10. Jim Froling

    GMB "Agency Dashboard" Problems or Confusion

    Joy, you are such a blessing! Not just for Local SEO consultants/agencies, but our clients as well. Keep up the good work!
  11. Jim Froling

    GMB "Agency Dashboard" Problems or Confusion

    You're lucky, I guess. Most of our accounts were setup with an old Gmail account, like yours. Most of those have us listed as "Owner", (not Primary Owner, ALWAYS reserved for the business owner). Still, a brick wall. This is SO frustrating! For so long, Google said that a local business...
  12. Jim Froling

    Best Value Local SEO Platform? Brightlocal? Mox? Yext? Whitespark? Tribelocal?

    I haven't found a provider yet that takes all of the work off my plate. I employ #Brightlocal (highly recommended), Moz Local (liked it better when @David Mihm ran it via, and #Whitespark (though they might poach my clients). At the end of the day, we have to verify the work of...
  13. Jim Froling

    GMB "Agency Dashboard" Problems or Confusion

    Re: New Agency Account/Dashboard Transition Thanks for kicking it up the ladder Linda. It's too bad that this new tool is virtually useless.
  14. Jim Froling

    Google Launching New "GMB Partners" Program?

    A couple of weeks ago I was stoked to read on Google's Small Business blog that they are (finally) cracking down on and taking legal action against the dreaded "Posers" :)calling businesses claiming to be Google and threatening to delete their GMB listing unless immediate action be taken now...
  15. Jim Froling

    GMB "Agency Dashboard" Problems or Confusion

    The new GMB Agency Dashboard was released this morning. Is anyone else having trouble signing onto this? It first asks for my agency's website plus this little caveat "You’ll need to use a Google account that's associated with your company's email (and doesn't currently own or manage...
  16. Jim Froling

    Small Thanks with Google-Review Resources

    I was really excited last week when I thought I had found an exciting new Google feature "in the wild" called Small Thanks with Google. Alas, I gave Mike Blumenthal the heads up on it only to hear back from him that he blogged about it last August :o I had also given Linda news of "the find"...
  17. Jim Froling

    2/2017...Now You See Them...3/1/17: Now You Don't. 6/1/17...We're Back!

    Who else has dealt with this over the past several months? A client (SAB), with a strong local organic position, started losing much of their ranking positions, and site traffic, on March 1, 2017. Riches to Rags, basically over night. Worked with GMB Support that offered really strange and...
  18. Jim Froling

    GMB is slowly eating us?

    When did the GMB traffic drop? What is the clients "mobile friendly" status? I have a client with a similar sitch.
  19. Jim Froling

    Moz Local

    Miriam, No doubt 2017 will be an interesting year for local search. When has it not? Did you know that the Chinese saying "May you live in 'interesting times'" is a curse? May I offer you this blessing instead? THRIVE!