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    Definitive Guide To Duplicate Research For Local SEO - Joy Hawkins

    Has anyone got any good articles to share with the best practises for finding dupes?
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    Analyzing a generic keyword with no geo modifier for multiple locations

    Thanks as always Linda! Managed to relocate it on Chrome. I think In Bright you set the location initially and cant add multiple cities, as opposed to Whitespark where you seem to be able to select numerous cities within the same report. So it seems it the demo anyway. I'll look into it in...
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    Analyzing a generic keyword with no geo modifier for multiple locations

    There used to be a great function with Google to view search results from a particular geographical location ( New York, Gainesville etc...), although this seems to have been discontinued a while back. I'm currently targeting surrounding towns/ cities for my clients, so the data would be super...
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    Hack to Check for Google Local Penalties

    Fair point, I will try with some other clients when I find some time. When I am in the dashboard the listing is suspended, yet I still have the option to see the listing in Google maps and Google search. I will get to the bottom of it, and post Google's answer ( new thread) on the off chance...
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    Hack to Check for Google Local Penalties

    hey Linda, sure thing! I will try and get permission to share some screen shots if possible, as it's easier to explain. Okay so in a nutshell this was what I did: The clients listing was in the pack, ranked 2nd. I then performed the search as detailed previously and the listing was third in...
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    Hack to Check for Google Local Penalties

    Hi all, Just some additional input (sorry I cant share the live links). I used the method described and saw that there was a ranking difference of one position. I have only recently acquired access to the listing so didn't know a great deal about the surrounding circumstances( naps etc...)...
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    Google+ just added a view counter to the +Local profile page

    I'm seeing this in Thailand, but only from today.
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    4 Reviews Gets You Stars Now on Google+ Local?

    Hi all, I have just been looking through some search results, this is what I found for one of my clients. POSITION 1 Competition- 15 reviews, 102 Google plus in circles, 5.0 Google star rating ( 5 stars appear) POSITION 2 Client- 35 reviews, 57 Google plus in circles. 4.9 Google star rating...
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    How Do You Outsource White Hat SEO?

    I second the finding a great copywriter, clients have so little time to come up with titles for me at times, let alone fresh content. I am not sure if it's just me but I really don't place so much emphasis on link building, good onsite and good quality content and some quirky ideas seems to...
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    Website Themes vs Bespoke Designs

    Hi all, Due to some requests as of late I have started to look into developing websites for small business owners. I normally steer clear of this as I am busy enough just with local seo, but having done some research it doesn't seem to bad of an idea to offer an all inclusive package. The...
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    Hyper-Local Landing Pages: the Yellow Brick Road for Local Search

    And then write unique content for each page. Would you have to careful so that each page was really unique so as to avoid duplicate content issues? For Los Angeles that could involve a lot of pages. Are there any issues with this being viewed as spammy? Yeah I would definitely keep each page...
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    A REALLY cool way to get your Google+ page to stand out!

    Wow that's really cool!!!! Gona have to try that out.
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    Google Plus Reviews from the same I.P

    Yep I hear You Phil. Just read your blog post on reviews, nice work.
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    Google Plus Reviews from the same I.P

    Hi Phil, I'm pretty sure I read your blog and was able to download a review handout, feb sounds about right. Thanks for your advice, and yes I'm with you on the third party review sites. Will I encounter the same IP issue with sites such as Yelp, Foursquare ect... or are they less stringent...
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    Google Plus Reviews from the same I.P

    Hi all hope your well! I have been re visiting the strategy we use to gain reviews (primarily on Google Plus Local) for our clients. I have used Philip Rozek’s Free One page Handout, which is really handy. Cheers for that Philip. Unfortunately we don’t have the budget to do a la Google Styley...
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    Two Google+ Local Pages

    Very wishful thinking on my behalf! :)
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    Two Google+ Local Pages

    Hi all, Perfect timing as I am having exactly the same problem with a doctor/business name. I also contacted Google and got the same response (they should both remain), as both were already claimed. Its a real pain in the derrier as all the citations are built to the business name (no...
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    Location in page title

    Thanks everyone for all your input! It sounds kinda crazy, but what works for me is always asking myself "Am I describing this page properly?" and does the subject matter (generally a service/product) warrant having the city included. It works for me anyway :) although I get some strange...