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  1. Jason Kamara

    3 Free Site Crawlers - Site Structure Matters for Local SEO Too!

    Thanks, Linda! I'm looking forward to taking the Pepsi challenge with some of those web-based crawlers. I use Screaming Frog for quick audits and love it's simplicity. But for large sites and other sites that have gone through several builds, I use Microsoft's free SEO Toolkit. You can drill...
  2. Jason Kamara

    Reverse Engineering the Google Local Algo

    I caught that post last week and actually read it a couple times. It certainly jives with what you and Mike B have pointed out previously.
  3. Jason Kamara

    Adwords layout and CTR

    Google really seems to tread a thin line when it comes to anti-trust compliance issues in different countries. Working in Canada, I spend most of my time on There is a marked difference between Adwords styling on and and I suspect that organic CTR rates...
  4. Jason Kamara

    Tips for ranking a youtube video for local search?

    I'm experimenting more and more with video SEO as it's provided great results thus far. IChris provided a lot of actionable tips in his post. One I would like to add is that you can also link videos together using annotations. For example, you could funnel link equity from a stronger but...
  5. Jason Kamara

    Organic Video SEO

    I'm currently playing around with YouTube and have had reasonable success thus far. In less competitive markets, it's quite easy to get the video ranked which really stands out against plain-text SERP results. A few tips to add to the excellent ones already given: 1) Put your URL near or at...
  6. Jason Kamara

    Heat Map - Local Vs Organic - Which Listing Gets the Eyeballs & Clicks?

    I have been looking around for this exact type of study for the past few months to no avail. Too bad there isn't more information on the methodology used. It's hard to put any stock in the results without answers to some of the concerns raised by Dave. I realize this is just a small exploratory...
  7. Jason Kamara

    Out-of -the-Box Local Link Building

    A few good posts I've come across on the subject: How to make your content local 5 Ridiculously Sneaky Citations Most Small Business Never Think to Get! I was thinking of creating geotargeted Pinterest boards and sharing the pins with social to create some high DA (nofollowed) links to inner...
  8. Jason Kamara

    Super Hot FREE Local Rank Checker with Bonuses

    It looks like a sweet little tool. I got the same "Domain is not found" message as David for an older domain with 100+ indexed pages and fairly high Domain Authority. SEMrush has a robust SEO/PPC keyword research tool that does something similar and also adds search volume and CPC (though the...
  9. Jason Kamara

    Over-Optimization Penalty for Local Sites Internal Links?

    Keyword-stuffing internal anchor text (especially sitewides) is an obvious tactic to manipulate the algo and Google isn't easily fooled by this. The minor rankings benefit you could gain would be outweighed greatly by the potential rankings drop you would likely be hit with at some point in time...
  10. Jason Kamara

    Verification postcard with incomplete address??

    Thanks so much, Linda! You saved me a lot of problems down the road! And thanks for the late night reply. Your tireless work is much appreciated.
  11. Jason Kamara

    Verification postcard with incomplete address??

    Actually I was trying to create a G+L page. But it does just seem to be a G+ Business page. I should have noticed since there is a video tab on the page. The client's business is less than a year old so he didn't have a Places listing. Are you saying I should create a Places listing? Is this...
  12. Jason Kamara

    Verification postcard with incomplete address??

    Thanks for the replies, Colan and Linda. I set it up as a Local page. I even screen shot the setup process in the event that something like this happened (I've attached 2 of them below). I setup a local business with no previous Places listing or G+ business page. There was no listing for this...
  13. Jason Kamara

    Verification postcard with incomplete address??

    Hi everyone, I had to resend a verification postcard for a G+L page since my client fears he may have thrown his out. The address information that is automatically entered onto the postcard is incomplete. It doesn't include the postal code (Canadian version of zip code) or the country. No...
  14. Jason Kamara

    Google+ Local Optimization Tips/Tricks To Improve Ranking

    I know what you mean. The simplicity of Wordpress made me less vigilant when doing technical SEO. Now I don't even think about link-building until the site is getting indexed properly. Glad I could help! Thanks for sharing that great tool, Linda! I know how expensive custom scribing is, so I...
  15. Jason Kamara

    Google+ Local Optimization Tips/Tricks To Improve Ranking

    Great tips already! Let's keep them coming. Here are a few I came up with on the commute home from work. They haven't been tested in isolation so I can't say definitively which ones, if any, are effective on their own. Nevertheless, here they are: 1) Check your robots.txt and sitemap.xml...
  16. Jason Kamara

    Local Reporting Software

    I use both. Bright Local has nicer looking reports and does a good job of handling both organic and local rankings. The Interface is quite polished and easy to use. You can also setup automated reporting. I believe there is still a free trial period to get a feel for the tool. Places Scout...
  17. Jason Kamara

    LAUNCHING: Google+ Communities - This will be HOT for Local!

    There don't seem to be any restrictions on creating your own community right now. I started creating a group and cancelled out before it was complete. Thanks for the TC Hangout share, Linda. It's over 30 mins and includes a lengthy Q&A session for anyone who hasn't watched it yet.
  18. Jason Kamara

    Phone Numbers on Google+ Local Best Practice?

    I'm fairly new to Local, but NAP consistency seems to be one of the most difficult things to achieve with an established business. I'm weighing my options for a realtor client (partnership) that uses mobile phone numbers and no landline. Both phone numbers appear on the website, G+L listing...
  19. Jason Kamara

    LOCAL VideoScribing - Amazing New Local Business Idea

    Great post, Linda! I actually priced out videoscribing for my own company and found prices on the low end at $2,000 for a 2-min video with voice-over. Mind you, the prices I got were from off-shore providers. I'm going to try the program out this week. Thanks for the share.
  20. Jason Kamara

    How to Write Universe-conquering Proposals by Portent

    I came across that deck on Slideshare about a week ago and then links to this post started filling my Twitter feed. So I actually went through the deck twice. Yes, it's that good. Some of the excerpts taken from "bad proposals" are almost as funny as the animal photos. Portent addresses the need...