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    Google+ Local Link

    Where do I find the link now to my GoogleMyBusiness listing? You used to be able to go in the dashboard, click G+ and it would take you to the real listing URL that the public would see. Now it takes you to a page that only works if you're logged in. Any idea where to find the REAL URL the...
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    Deleting Duplicate Claimed GMB

    Client had an unverified dup listing (same address- former business name)- and we just claimed it. Now we need to delete it. GMB's interface has changed though and I don't see a spot to delete the page (only thing I see is marking the page closed). Does anyone know where the delete button is on...
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    RIP Map Maker Phone Search - Local Dupe Research Just Got A Lot Harder

    What's best practice now for deleting dup listing? Delete from G+ account? What about Mapmaker? Any additional work to make sure its REALLY gone?
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    What categories are OK for this?

    Hey Everyone, Got a Places page here: What categories are OK for this? Category listed right now is: Party Equipment Rental Service I see competitors using Party Planner, Entertainer, Party Supplies. Is it OK to use more than...
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    Listing Without a Login?

    Thanks Scott! Where is this # published at?
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    Listing Without a Login?

    Hello everyone, Need your help: Have a client with Local listing and they don't know the Google login for it. What should I do to get this under a proper account I can actually log into? Just want to avoid dups, etc. Thanks for the advice in advance! Matt
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    Business Name is stuffed with extra keywords and already verified?

    Hey, Got a listing that is stuffed with extra keywords and already verified: [Real Business Name] iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other Electronics Repairs What would you do? Log in and change the business name? This will prompt re-verification, correct? No citations exist but client did...
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    Business with installers in many metros but no local offices

    Rich, If you want to rank FAST, Youtube will get you there way quicker than a self-hosted video. Self-hosted video ranking is going to depend a lot on your domain authority, which of course will be tiny compared to Youtube. Depending on competition, sometimes just putting up a video will rank...
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    Made Google+, then Google Places, now I have 2 listings?

    Ahhhhh, gotcha. Thanks! That makes sense. What about Youtube for the Business? At what point should I make that so it will integrate? And is there anything else to do to make it integrate?
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    Made Google+, then Google Places, now I have 2 listings?

    Thanks Linda. Places page was created earlier today, so not verified yet. When I created the Places page, was the Google+ one created? How come the old one went 404? After I created the Places listing did it do that?
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    Made Google+, then Google Places, now I have 2 listings?

    Hey Linda and Colan, thanks for the responses. Here's links to both: Thanks
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    Made Google+, then Google Places, now I have 2 listings?

    Hey there, Having an interesting thing happen here. Made a Google+ page for a business (not through Places- didn't have the address at that time. Now went to make a Places listing (using same gmail account, all the same business info). Now it appears that after making the Places listing, Google...
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    Penquin 2.0 hit today. Anyone get hit in the Google Local 7 Pack?

    Curious Linda, what was the internal anchor penalty for the attorney client? Was he linking many times to homepage with keyword anchor?
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    Schema: Reviews + Authorship

    Nick, Awesome share! Really appreciate it! Are you seeing the stars show with your author image still? A double whammy- very cool if that's the case?