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  1. jason2004

    Still no traffic after getting top positions on Google and Yahoo local!?

    After 6 months working on local SEO and getting client on all local citation places we are ranked at top positions on Google & Yahoo local. However we are not getting much of traffic increase and lead generation. Client is mortgage broker. What can we do more and how to get listed on top...
  2. jason2004

    Is Neustar/Localeze worth $297/

    Checking with Getlisted client business doesn't have any listing with Neustar/Localeze. Is it worth getting listed with them for pricy $297/year?
  3. jason2004

    Toll-Free and local number on site?

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Does it hurt to have 2 phones listed on site? My client is having main local business telephone and toll-free 800 number listed through site. Local number is listed in NAP with...
  4. jason2004

    Local citations for loan officer site beside company site?

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> I don’t know how to handle client NAP due to his specific...