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  1. Tim#

    How to rank without a website?!

    Hi! One of my competitors is on #1 in the 3-pack in one of my clients locations for the most valuable keyword while my client is still on #2. (searched from my clients location) I have a well optimized and location based website for this location. GMB is updated. A lot of citations with...
  2. Tim#

    Citations Business Name For Multiple Locations

    Hi! I already spent hours trying to figure that out. My client´s business has 5 locations. I started optimizing the first 2 GMB listings and found out that an added location to the business name worked almost instantly and I climbed up to the local 3-pack from 5 to 3 and 4 to 2 within 30...
  3. Tim#

    Citations for multiple GMB listings

    Hi! Thanks for accepting me here :) I'm facing a little problem. I'm managing a clients GMB listing which has 5 physical locations integrated. My question is, how do I name these businesses? By now, the HQ location includes just the business name with no additional info. The other 4 locations...