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    Changing from storefront to SAB for multiple locations

    Hello! Our company has 3 physical locations in one state, and another location in an adjacent state. All locations are in our GMB account, all verified, and all show on Maps for certain queries. HOWEVER, whoever set these up made them "storefront" locations rather than SABs, which is what they...
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    Posting Same Review To Multiple Review Sites

    What are your thoughts on customers posting a review on, say, Yelp, then copy/pasting the exact same review on Google? My feeling is that it would PROBABLY be better to make them unique, or at least change them up a LITTLE bit, but do we KNOW that it's necessarily bad (in the eyes of Yelp and/or...
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    Keywords In Reviews?

    Do you feel that keywords in Google reviews (or responses from the business) have any real benefit? I know that keywords in a review are often highlighted when they're the same as the searcher's, and that might have a tiny effect on CTR, but other than that, anything? It doesn't help ranking on...
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    Page Hated Within 100-Mile Radius Of City, Loved Outside It

    Has anyone experienced a situation whereby your local pages are seemingly blackballed, but ONLY within a distinct 100-mile radius of the city you're trying to target? I am going through this right now and it's something I've never seen before. I do Internet marketing for a construction...