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  1. OnlineLobstar

    GMB Performance Keep Going Down After Moving to Service Areas

    Hey Guys, Around month ago, the client wanted to hide their address and completely focus on their Service Areas. Since then the performance keeps going down. Am I alone facing this issue? Or Am I missing something?
  2. OnlineLobstar

    Why Not GMB Give Us an Option for "Get a Quote" Just like Booking?

    It would be really nice if Google let us connect with Custom CRM just like Booking. Is it possible?
  3. OnlineLobstar

    SEO Agency Reseller Program - How it works?

    I am from Bangladesh, a South-Asian country. For over 9 years I have been doing SEO. On December 17, I have founded Ninja Creative Marketing with a senior from my campus. Today our team consists of six members. Most of our works come from one source, a multimedia company based in Florida. We...
  4. OnlineLobstar

    Has Google Forgotten About the Quality of Local Search Results?

    Which Business Would You Call? A. The nearest business with no customer reviews B. The business with good numbers of customer reviews even if the business is located on the other side of your city
  5. OnlineLobstar

    GMB Insight Showing Completely Irrelevant Search Terms

    Please look at the screenshot. Why would GMB insight show my client business for these irrelevant search terms? Doesn't make any sense. The business is in video production and Internet marketing niche.