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    Matt Cutts: Looking For small websites that ppl feel should be doing better in search

    Seeing as though producing top quality websites is what we are all about, and local businesses tend to have smaller websites this recent tweet by Matt Cutts looks interesting.

    They are only looking for feedback at this point, but its a small opening where we have the opportunity to speak directly to the Google engineers.
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    Re: Matt Cutts: Looking For small websites that ppl feel should be doing better in se

    Good one Daniel. But look at some of the negative comments!

    I could not resist and piped in just to report the attack of the spammy one boxes. Attack of the Bad Google Local One-Boxes? Other Algo Changes?

    Probably a little off topic in that thread. But I don't normally report stuff to Matt, but since he's asking about SMB ranking and this is such a spammy algo change thought he'd be interested.
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