Since today we hit our 3 month milestone today, we added 3 new forum member features to recognize our top community members on an on-going basis. Here is one of them.

Member Reputation Bump

I call this new feature the "Star Rep Bump". We already have "Like" and "Thanks" buttons, but additionally at the bottom of each post is a new STAR button down next to the thanks button.

If you click the "Star" you can add to the poster's rep and even leave a note of thanks. (Note: if you've already thanked someone, that gives rep too, so you won't be able to "Star Rep" as well.)

After you leave someone rep you'll get a message that says "Thanks for adding reputation to this user. May you be lucky enough to receive the same Reputation back in turn." And that's really the kind of team spirit we are trying to foster here at the Local Search Community. The help AND KUDOS you give others, comes right back around!

To check your rep see the new "Reputation" tab on your profile page. There you can view who has thanked you or given you rep and what they had to say! And on the left are how many "Likes" you have too.

P.S. See announcements about other new Member Perks we just launched today:
The New Top Contributor Program and the Local LEADERBOARD - announcing our top 12 members.

SPECIAL THANKS TO DAVID - My right hand man & tech genius, for adding all these cool new features (and satisfying my every request) - to help make this a better place for all!