Today is our 3 month anniversary. Can you believe this thriving community is only 3 months old? Wow! It's been a crazy whirlwind of activity that has resulted in over 4,000 posts and almost 400 members. (And most of the world does not even know about us yet - so please help spread the word!)

David and I have each helped build a lot of forum communities over the past 10 years and we've NEVER seen one take off this fast and build this strong. There are 2 primary reasons for our growth. 1) I think the Local Search community was just REALLY hungry for a positive and productive place to learn, discuss local search and support each other. 2) The quality of our members and the knowledge they bring!

This is YOUR community! And it's all of you that make it special!

To celebrate our little 3 month milestone we wanted to add 3 new membership recognition programs to acknowledge the active members who support our community.

Click below to see details about 3 new member perks. (Find them all down in the Forum News section.)

New Top Contributor Program - Announcing Our 1st TC (Who is it?)

Local LEADERBOARD - Recognizing Our Top Members (Are you on the list?)

Member Reputation Bump (Give KUDOS to fellow members)

Thanks to all who support the Local Search Community!

We work for you!


The Local Search Community Team - Miriam, David & Linda