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    Additional Details: Have You Ever Seen Anything Like This? Is there a benefit?

    Dove into a new client listing and came across the below. I have never seen someone format a listing like this. Would there be any real benefit to having all this, and do you think having something like this could have a negative impact?

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    Exclamation Re: Additional Details: Have You Ever Seen Anything Like This? Is there a benefit?

    AFAIK this info doesn't carry over to the new G+ pages. However since not every biz is over to the G+ pages, it could well cause problems.
    And it certainly would raise alarm bells with me. This section isn't intended for keyword searches, and i don't see how this couldn't be seen as spammy or keyword stuffing. It doesn't follow big-G'sd guidelines:

    Additional details: Use this section to add custom information fields to your listing. For example, parking availability, or whether your business allows pets.


    The only pieces of info in that list that strike as "custom info" is the licensed and bonded and perhaps the 24 hour service.

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    Re: Additional Details: Have You Ever Seen Anything Like This? Is there a benefit?

    Google stopped showing additional details a long time ago.

    I think one reason is that some people totally spammed out that section. I've seen MUCH worse. I'm talking pages of KW spam in that section back when it still showed on the listing.

    Even though it no longer shows and never did help ranking folks still kW stuff it and I think it CAN hurt you. When we complained that that section stopped showing live yet the fields were still in dash, Google said the algo does still look at that section in dash for relevance.

    When that section was still viable I always instructed, just like description, don't repeat NAP especially city and don't repeat KWs.

    Plus to me when people do it the way he did (which I've seen a lot) to me it seems like the fields are backwards. I'd put the descriptor on left and service KWs on right.

    So instead of Certified Arborists: Yes
    I would do: Certifications: Certified Arborist

    BUT ANYWAY... at this point I would just nuke all those fields. They don't show. I don't think Google looks at them any more. They aren't helping him rank. Could cause a penalty though I think (possibly.) And he'll soon be upgraded so all that goes away anyway.
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