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    Cool How do I fix old citations with wrong NAP?

    Hi all.

    I have a business that I have recently used Brightlocal to add/update some citations for and am showing around 200 citations that are live now. This is good, and when I look up some of the competitors on Google Maps, we have more/better info than all of them... and we have more citations built.

    I have come to realize that there are a good amount of citations out there from the last two addresses we had, and have decided that this has to be what is hurting us the most.

    Is there a best practice to fix the NAP on old citations? Or is there a service that will help do this?
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    Re: How do I fix old citations with wrong NAP?

    Hey BWrightTLM,

    Cleaning up listings with old NAP data is a long and tedious, albeit very important undertaking.

    There are some great tools and services out there to discover incorrect listings, such as the Citation Tracker from Bright Local. However, to do the best job possible, you need to use a varied approach, which always includes manual search and discover.

    Here are some thoughts when working on NAP clean-up:

    • Use tools to compliment manual search and discover, not to replace them
    • Start with the Data Providers (Localeze, Acxiom, ExpressUpdate)
    • Focus on the most important sites after that (CitySearch, Yelp, Yellowpages..)
    • Be vigilant with following up when you have to e-mail or use contact us forms. Certain directories won't update or remove old listings until after you contact them multiple times
    • Claim and update when possible, report as incorrect when not possible
    • Read everything by Nyagoslav
    • Look into the tools offered by Bright Local and Whitespark

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