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    "Share an update on your place page" - Does Google still hear them?

    Hi All,

    I was just wondering if anybody still posts updates from within the places dashboard? I know the updates don't go live anymore, but do you think they still send a signal to Google?

    Posting updates used to be a great way to solve certain problems, sort of like the "poke" does. Anyone have evidence that they can still do anything?

    Colan Nielsen l GMB Top Contributor
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    Re: "Share an update on your place page" - Does Google still hear them?

    What a great question Colan and I don't have an answer.

    I do remember right after the original update to G+L, when that feature stopped working, there were quite a few problem reports in the G forum where it sounded like using that feature was causing buggy things to happen. But that was right in the beginning when folks didn't know the feature was disabled.

    Have not heard anyone talk about using the feature for quite some time. Interesting Q though!

    I'll Tweet this to try to get a feedback.
    Anyone have any experiences or thoughts to share???
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