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    We currently do not support the location

    Are any of you still receiving this message when you claim an existing Google+ Local page? It has happened to me. It has happened to me again - the last time was months ago.

    The page I claimed is a Plumber with a change of address - that I hid (per Google's guidelines). it was a phone verification, which went smoothly. The account shows as Active, but when I click on "See Your Listing on Google" in the client's dashboard, the message "we currently do not support the location".

    If you are having or have had this problem lately, how long does it take for the page to show up with the correct information?


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    Re: We currently do not support the location

    Hi Susan, thanks for posting.

    Jade announced about a month ago that the link to view listing in the dashboard can show "do not support" for up to a month after verification now.

    Be advised the listing may be fine. Have you searched for it on maps with phone#?

    It takes ABOUT a week for the listing to go live. Then you can find with direct search. If the listing is live and you get do not support for a couple more weeks then the problem is just that that link in dash is not yet syncing with the live listing.

    You didn't mention how long ago you verified???

    Also what do you mean by change of address? Do you mean he moved so you set up a new listing? Or do you mean he moved so you edited the address on his existing Place page?
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