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    Local Business SEO General Microdata WordPress Plugin

    Curious if anybody has used's WordPress Schema Plugin

    WordPress › Local Business SEO WordPress Plugins

    The plugin uses the LocalBusiness - information schema and incorporates the meta data into your websites footer using the wp_footer() hook form WordPress. The information is packed into the html code of the site and invisible to any visitor.
    The part that unnerves me is the "invisible to any visitor." Wouldn't Google consider this a form of cloaking and thus shoot any SEO benefits out the door? It does put the information in the footer though which some people seem to be looking for.
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    Re: Local Business SEO General Microdata WordPress Plugin

    Haven't used it, but reading about it, was a bit alarmed by some of the comments on the page.

    I can highly recommend Yoast's local wp plugin Local SEO for WordPress - Yoast
    (no affiliation)

    Not free, but very well supported and makes multiple location businesses a breeze. IMHO it's a must-have if you do websites or local SEO for other businesses.

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