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    Content in Local Seo! Ideas?

    Hello, there! I am not sure I created a thread in the right branch, anyway sorry for that. But I am newbie in Local seo and I really care about the impact of content in local seo. Is Content King in Local too compared to regular Seo?

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    Re: Content in Local Seo! Ideas?

    Yep because in my estimation 80% of the local algo is the organic algo at least for the top of the pack, the A, B, C spots you want to get into. So it's like you have to do everything right or organic SEO AND everything right on the Places side to rank.

    Here are some posts that will help.

    Re the algo and how it relates to organic:
    How the Google Local Algo Really Works - What Rules the Ranking Order

    Good posts about local content:

    16 Tips for Creating UNIQUE City Landing Page Content

    How to Make Your Content Local

    Content, Content, Content
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    Re: Content in Local Seo! Ideas?

    More so now than ever. Not a bad time to enter the game as you embrace social signals, strong local citation players, reviews, etc., that were not such factors in the old days (like a year ago ) A steeper learning curve for you now but you won't be as insistent to make that square block fit that damn round hole. The puzzle is change(ing).

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