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    Citation Building Survey Results (by Bright Local)

    The guys at Bright Local recently did an interesting survey. They invited 15 local search professionals, some of whom thought leaders in the industry (full list on the survey page), as well as myself. The questions revolved around local citations and citation building, and covered some more frequently asked questions about the best practices in (read more)

    Read More at Nyagoslav's Blog...

    What do you guys think???

    Please visit the site linked above to read the full post.
    Or add comments and questions below.

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    Re: Citation Building Survey Results (by Bright Local)

    Nygo mentioned quality of citations - I actually had a tool for awhile that researched the top citations sources that your top 10 competitors had. I recently exported the results of all searches that showed all the citation sources.

    Here is a brief look at the top citation sources (there was over 75,000 results)

    Free Local Checklist
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