Meant to post this Monday but didn't get a chance...

New review bug: Blank/Empty Reviews Showing by 'A Google User' (Google Business Forum)

Note this is NOT the normal behavior that happens when a blank image shows from "A Google User" because they are old reviews from before the switch from Google Places to Google+ Local.

Here is the listing that has the bug. You need to go to bottom of page 2 of reviews to see the problem. Cherokee Collision Center - About - Google+

Here is screenshot of the problem.

Name:  reviewglitch.jpg
Views: 252
Size:  64.5 KB

This looks like a potential DB problem to me. Which makes me wonder... Were there reviews attached that got lost?

Does this possibly show a visual clue to some of the other missing review problems???

Everyone talks about the review spam filters which are definitely PART of the problem. However I've always suspected that bugs in the review process are more of a problem than people realize.

What do you guys think???