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    Google Map Maker Questions

    Hi we have listings in our Google Places account which we've had trouble changing website urls (Google places listing had the wrong url) and the title of the listing via google places.

    Yesturday i found out about Google Map Maker and changed the title of the listing and corrected the URL.

    The changed happened in 24 hours!

    Is there any major issues changing listing information via Google Map Maker rather then GP directly (which can take months, and sometimes never happens at all!)

    I don't understand why no one told me about this before. It would had saved me soo much time and heartbreak trying to correct listing and waiting for Google to make the easy changes when i could had easily gone through Google Map Maker and made the changes.


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    Re: Google Map Maker Questions

    Hi George,

    Even I don't edit via MM and I don't recommend most consultants do either. You can easily do more harm than good. It's super complicated with different rules than places.

    It's recommended that you make changes in the Places dash. If what's displaying live is wrong and does not match what's in dash then the best way to fix is to call support. Have them FIX it and get to root of the problem instead of you editing in MM and maybe messing it up.

    The other reason I say call support is they can see details on the backend that you can't. They might tell you a bot keeps changing it because you have a bunch of bad citations. Then you know the root problem to fix so the bots don't just keep changing it back.
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    Re: Google Map Maker Questions


    The only reason I use MM is to move a marker because Google gets confused when office complexes as well as outdated map information are involved, developments, New roads, Road name changes etc. I also take the time to fix any markers around my client. Also, I second Linda's statement.

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