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    Google Intros the Mother of All SMB Review Monitoring Systems

    Google has announced on the Google and Your Business blog today that they have rolled out what appears to be the mother of all review monitoring systems today. The system, a new module for the updated Places for Business Dashboard, not only shows Google based reviews to dashboard owners and managers, it shows every review […]Related posts:
    1. How to Get Review Cred in G+ Local as a Top Reviewer- As a Business Page
    2. How to Delete Your Google Places for Business Dashboard Listing in One Easy Step (Or Brainfarts + Bad UI = Bad Outcomes)
    3. The Pendulum Swings On Google’s Review Spam Filtering As Google Relaxes Filter

    Read More at Mike Blumenthal's Blog...

    What do you guys think???

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    Re: Google Intros the Mother of All SMB Review Monitoring Systems

    Thanks Mike for the great post!

    FYI all, here's mine with some more screen shots and a Q & A.

    Google Launches New Review Monitoring, Reputation Management Module
    Linda Buquet .:. Forum Founder, Google Local Specialist

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    Re: Google Intros the Mother of All SMB Review Monitoring Systems

    Looks like reputation is becoming more front and center.
    Jon Keel
    Improved Results, LLC
    (P) 513-257-8633
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