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    Google MapMaker Update Summary: One Database to Rule Them All

    Now that MapMaker is back online, I wanted to understand the recent changes to MapMaker in the bigger context, how the changes related to the Places for Business Dashboard the G+ Pages for Local and when it still makes sense to use MapMaker. I asked Dan Austin to write up his understanding of the changes from […] Related posts:
    1. Guest Post: Dan Austin on Google Mapmaker Categories
    2. Local Database accuracy
    3. What Should Your Business Listing Categories Be in MapMaker

    Read More at Mike Blumenthal's Blog...

    What do you guys think???

    Please visit the site linked above to read the full post.
    Or add comments and questions below.
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    Please visit the link above to read the full post.
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    Re: Google MapMaker Update Summary: One Database to Rule Them All

    Whoa Dan Austin posted a ton of great, much needed info! Pretty much a must read, I'd say.

    Thanks so much for sharing that Dan and thanks to Mike for providing the platform.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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