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    Local SEO Takeaways from Yelp - Top Ranking Local Listings

    If you do a lot of Google searches for local businesses, one of the sites you most often see at the top of the list is Yelp. So obviously Yelp does local SEO right.

    Here’s a great post from one of our members Nyagoslav Zhekov. He analyzes some of the SEO elements and points out the strengths Yelp's business listing pages.

    Learning Local SEO from the Ones That Do It Best

    In the case of local search there aren’t many that get both better high organic search rankings and more organic search traffic across a vast number of verticals than Yelp, so who else could be better to learn about local SEO from? While Yelp functions mainly as a social network for sharing opinions about local businesses, in this article I would rather place more attention on the way they have structured their business listing pages and what everyone could take away from that.

    I will use the below screenshot for illustrative purposes…
    Click over to view the screenshot and read all Nyags insights.
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    Re: Local SEO Takeaways from Yelp - Top Ranking Local Listings

    This is great, Linda. For all Yelp's power, there really hasn't been a ton written about it. Kudos to Nyagoslav for tackling this subject, and thanks to you for posting it.
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    Re: Local SEO Takeaways from Yelp - Top Ranking Local Listings

    Good stuff by NZ

    Just left this comment over there:

    Well Done!

    A sidenote to #7 is the use of "Review Highlights" to get some additional links in.

    Is this due to Yelp not being able to add links to User Reviews where the user did not include one in their original submission of the review?

    Same reason why no links are present in the About This Business tab?
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