Rocking post from Greg Gifford at YouMoz I wanted to share with you today.

It's worth a click just for the visuals (you know Greg the graphics guy ;-)) but the tips are great too!

Tips For Being A Local Search Superhero - Moz

Local search doesn’t have to be the arch-villain that you keep fighting but never really beat. With some knowledge, hard work, and a few tools in your utility belt, you can be the local search superhero that you’ve always wanted to be…

This post is going to cover three areas that seemed to resonate the most with attendees – Google+ Photos, Google Authorship, and Customer Reviews. Nearly every question that came in fell into one of those areas. I also got a pretty good number of questions about multi-location businesses, but since you’re not here to read an epically long blog post, I’ll post a later follow up to concentrate on those questions.