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    Longtail Results VS Search Engine Location

    In the past we have easily been able to review the rankings of our clients by either using a longtail search phrase or by setting our search engine's location to our customer's main area. We had success with both options pulling up the same SERPs that our customer would see at their location.

    This is no longer the case. Does anyone have any insight to why the results are no longer cohesive?

    Example -
    If I search:
    Local Search Forum Timbuktu AZ

    The same results used be the same as if I went in my settings on Google and manually made my location Timbuktu AZ and searched "Local Search Forum"
    Ray Laminack IV
    Jr. SEO Analyst

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    Re: Longtail Results VS Search Engine Location

    That's always been the case, to one degree or another. I've noticed it partly depends on the search term and the local market. In less-competitive markets, where there are fewer businesses duking it out, generally "search term" and search term + city return the same results.

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